connect to observe the present moment

I am Gina and thrilled to welcome you here.

Let us sit in silence and anchor into deep breathing to welcome thoughts with curiosity rather than judgment.

I am glad for the opportunity to co-create more space for meditation /mindful presence in life.

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Welcome here where we can start setting a healthy meditation practice and create more space to feel at home as we are.

In this nook, I will introduce you to the wonderful world of meditation. I will explain how my work centers around helping find inner strenght and courage to sit with what is (thoughts, emotions, inner criticism and self judgment) and also find a practice that is uniquely yours.

I have been meditating for years and it has been and still is a life-changing journey for me.
Looking back and connecting the dots, I can now say that meditation is as unique as our breath as it is never the same.
The benefits of meditation are countless. Nonetheless creating a space where we sit in silence, take a break from the chatter of the mind and open up to what is will help us create resilence, better concentration, patience and strenght to stand up for what is important to us in the present moment.

Join me in meditation to experience conscious breathing, to listen to the voice within and see how it feels before and after a guided meditation.
Let us sit in meditation and anchor into deep breathing to welcome thoughts with curiosity rather than judgment.

Here, I will share a few helpful ways on how to get started with meditation, as well as some of my favorite meditation practices.

Whether you are new to meditation or have some experience, you may find here inspiration to create your own meditation routine.

Thank you for your visit!

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Take a deep breath and allow yourself to be fully present with what is.

Stay curious and open about the present experience and receive the opportunity to sit with discomfort or with any other sensations or emotions.

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