Heart to heart conversation

What is a heart to heart conversation?

A dictionary definition would be: to speak or say something with deep emotional sincerity.

Since I was a small child, my grandmother would encourage me to speak from the heart. We would sit in the garden and she would tell me the names of the plants and trees and I would listen to the sound of the wind and hear the birds singing and let the sunshine gently touch my cheeks . Like Proust´s madeleine, these memories are instantly poping up while taking walks in nature. They infuse the air with joy and lightness while I am about to start my heart conversation with Mother Nature. 

A heart to heart conversation takes place when we speak honestly, without fear of being judged. We are fully present and express our feelings in conscious words. We enjoy the presence of the other. In those moments we are connected, we instinctively know that our presence is enough for the other. Masks are dropped and our true colors begin to shine. 

With whom can we connect from the heart?

We can talk from the heart with everyone thus the list below is non exhaustive :

  • small kids
  • teenagers
  • spouses
  • parents
  • friends
  • elder people
  • ourselves
  • nature
  • pets
  • our departed loved ones

For me, the easiest way to have a heart conversation is with children. They respond from the heart and their simple and funny answers touch our basic thrust.

From experience, at times, the hardest true conversation is with teenagers because they resist everything and their biggest fear is the fear of change. They are in need of independence but at the same time they cling so hard to what they have already learned because they are scared of letting go of the things they see as safe. They resist because they need to go through a transitional process to get to know their own potential. When we get to their vulnerable place, an amazing connection takes place, the exchange is incredibly rich, infused with fresh and tonic wisdom.

Wonderful heart connexions take place with those who are our elder, our grandparents. They are not afraid to open their heart because they can easily connect to their wisdom. They instinctively go beyond fear, release any expectation from the exchange and pass on lightheartedly experiences accumulated over the years.

Talking to a friend from the heart is not an easy task, it requires letting go of our masks, leaving aside the fear of comparison in order to express the naked truth. 

Several times I felt uncomfortable during conversations with friends. The minute I decided to drop the formalism and express my feelings, our connexion reached a comfortable level of easiness and mutual understanding.

Making friends with who we are is the kindest act of love towards ourselves.

When we come to terms with ourselves we are able to see us exactly as we are. We are approving of ourselves and acknowledge our imperfections. At the same time we can accept judgements because we know that we mirror in others what they resist to see in themselves.

Our shortcomings make us unique and capable of understanding our kind. Through accepting us as we are, we teach others to accept themselves as they are, to have patience with their flaws, to acknowledge their inner power, to understand that we cannot reach inner wisdom without experiencing humanness.

Just imagine our contribution to a more peaceful and kind world by opening the door to authenticity, to our true nature. We can choose to connect to our inner self by listening to our favorite music, tasting our favorite dish, reading a nice book, connecting to nature, enjoying time with our loved ones.

Give yourself five minutes of deep breath and feel how grateful your body and mind are for staying in the present moment.

One of my favorite spend time is taking walks in nature. If I am too tired to walk I just sit and listen to the wind, breathing in and out, letting go of the stress in the body, slowly and easily relaxing and enjoying my me time.

Lately I have been hearing a lot the word ´heart´. The other day the radio played Roxette´s song ´Listen to your heart´, one of my cousins sent me a photo with her favorite mug with the inscription : Ít is only in the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye´, a friend sent me a photo of her solving maths exercises (this speaks to my heart as my father was a maths teacher). I listened to my inner voice and decided to write this post to inspire us all to do something from the heart starting today: be it a smile, a minute you give yourself, tending to your plants, talking to your pets, holding hands with your loved ones, allowing gratitude and kindness to enter your life.

Let us open the window to more opportunities and connect from the heart. Let us drop the masks and show our true colors. We become stronger when we are at ease with our vulnerabilities and, in exchange, we may be surprised to see our kind put aside their masks and shine their true nature.

5 responses to “Heart to heart conversation”

  1. Thank you for sharing who you truly are through this blog. I love this article.
    Speaking from the heart is a powerful tool that leads to peace.
    From my heart to your heart,

    1. Dear Patricia,
      I am deeply touched by your kind and wise words. Through this blog, I am embracing my authentic self and choose to speak and connect from the heart. Nature is not afraid to shine its true colors, be it summer or fall, the trees are no afraid to loose their leaves and the birds are not ashamed to sing their songs. I am therefore not afraid to shine my true colors in the hope that one day someone will get inspired to do the same.
      From my heart to your heart

  2. Dear Lavinia,
    This is a great initiative and I was deeply touched by your words. I felt them in my 💜 heart. In my mind’s eyes I went back in time many many moons ago when we walked together in nature in the Romanian mountains right before we embraced our new destinies. That for me was a heart 💜 to heart ❤️ conversation from a friend to another. Looking forward to your next posting and our next interaction in the heart ❤️ space.
    With love,

  3. Dear Lavinia,
    Your heart melting message made me walk again next to you in the Romanian mountains back in 2002. Our conversation from the heart is travelling in time.
    Thank you for encouraging me to resume my heart´s choice and share pieces of it for inspiration.
    Looking forward to get together and hike again some time soon.

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