Light and Shadow – Oneness in All

“Both light and shadow are the dance of love.” Rumi

As a facto the energy of love flows in harmony in each thing and being when both light and shadow are recognized as co-creators of oneness.

It may take a while to understand that each thing and being is complete and that it has at its core a light and a shadow part.

It goes without saying that if we see one part only, we are tricked into limited belief systems and patterns. 

As we acknowledge that all things and beings are complete we reach a higher state of awareness. We can see that our free will is attracting what we strongly focus on, be it light or shadow. We understand that we are responsable for our choices and that we go through a natural cycle of growth and transformation necessary to our development as humans and souls. This growth can be viewed as a wheel, sometimes going up, giving us wings and sunshine, sometimes going down, narrowing our hopes and adding a pinch of fog on our minds. 

The wheel of life is turning ups and downs from birth to death. In its perpetual rollercoaster of growth and transformation, we are our own captain and guide. Our role is to maintain faith, have courage and strength to smoothen the speed of ups and downs through resources found on our path: breathing, writing, singing, dancing, playing, hiking, and mostly, being grateful for being alive. 

Light and shadow coexist and they can show up in our life when least expected, depending on our daily behavior and external stimuli. On one hand, if we take care of our body, mind and soul, our tendency will incline towards seeing beauty, kindness and understanding of what is. On the other hand, especially during stressful situations, if we do not take care of our body, do not listen to our feelings, eat unhealthy foods and follow a hectic agenda, our body will start to ache, our mind will become blurred and our heart will feel unheard and prone to meltdowns.

Either ways, we are responsible to understand the cycles of our life, find the most adapted ways for our soul to stay in tune with our heard and mind to find a long lasting inner balance.

When feeling unbalanced or overwhelmed, we have the choice to pause, observe and find resources to refill our cup.

Resources can mainly be found within us. We just need to put on our observer cap and listen to our inner voice. 

Ready? Here we go:

  • Take deep breaths 
  • Practice mindfulness – Living in the present 
  • Time out – Pause and Take walks in nature
  • Understand that the Views of others are biased; no matter how hard we try to please others, we will be seen by some as “good” and by others as “bad”
  • Stop comparing to others
  • Practice gratitude
  • Talk to friends or people you trust

When we take time for ourselves to breathe and listen to our heart’s voice guiding us on our path, we show ourselves the kindest act of love. The more we come to know ourselves, the better we treat ourselves.

There is no such think as lack of time for ourselves. When we love ourselves enough, we step back, pause, adjust, set boundaries and make them known to everyone. Armed with strength, courage, determination and perseverance, we are willing to accept our vulnerabilities, recognize our worth and empower us to dare be as we are.

Light and shadow make us complete. The moment we embrace them both, we start living with authenticity and feel attuned to our inner balance. Open and aligned at heart, guided by a clear mind, harmony will unite us with ourselves and others.

One response to “Light and Shadow – Oneness in All”

  1. Beautiful post, Gina 💖 “There is no such think as lack of time for ourselves. When we love ourselves enough, we step back, pause, adjust, set boundaries and make them known to everyone.” You are right and that’s a perfect way to put it. There is no such thing as a lack of time for ourselves. It’s only perhaps a lack of love for ourselves in that moment. Thank you for sharing your heart wisdom! Excited to get your blogs sent to my email now!!!

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