Pause and experience the observer’s insight

Courious and open to experience a hard to digest situation through the observer’s mindset?

The discription of the recorded meditation will maybe help see a past situation through the observer’s eyes, become aware of further insights and eventually allow more space or understanding to experience life as it unfolds.

After a difficult experience, we may feel that we could have said different things if we took a longer pause or if we allowed more space before reacting or replying hastily.

Here is an invitation to pause and experience a past situation through our eyes at that time, and through the observer’s eyes. We might be surprised to acknowledge tiny details, feel different sensations in the body and hear words that we were not able to hear at that time. At some point, we may witness a shift in our awareness with the help of the observer’s insight or because we are able to stay curoius and open to the exchange as the space we may feel now feels safe and protected.

When we are able to observe a situation and stop images when we feel overwhelmed or on the verge of reacting, we empower our awareness to just witness without judgment. We may become aware of details, words, postures, emotions that were present but that we could not see/ hear because of us being in the fight/flight/freeze/fawn mood.

When was the last time you experienced a hard to digest situation? How did you feel afterwards? Did you get the chance to reflect on the tools at hand at the time?

This is my invitation and I hope you enjoy this video.

Enjoy fully.

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