The secret powerful energy of ancestral legacy

“And so our mothers and grandmothers have, more often than not anonymously, handed on the creative spark, the seed of the flower they themselves never hoped to see – or like a sealed letter they could not plainly read.” Alice Walker

We should always remember that in our ancestral line, there has always been someone who loved and shared unconditionally to keep the inter-generational balance and create an open space for the revival of the powerful ancestral legacy of love.

When I think about the people in my ancestral lineage, I see at least one or two beautiful souls who unconsciously believed and trusted in the powerful legacy of love. By their trust and faith in the unique imprint of love and in the creative spark of life, they carried on from generation to generation the secret seed of unconditional love.

Through her example, my grandmother taught me openness of heart to what is. When tending to her plants, she created space for them to manifest their beauty to be. She knew how to listen to their needs and opened a sacred space through which the natural flow of energy was restored and relinked to the source.

When tending to her cow, pigs and chickens, she paid attention to every aspect of their behavior and carefully listened to their language. Being present gave her a step ahead in preventing illnesses and diseases and in procuring a serene environment. My grandmother was the animals’ guide to relaxation, rooting herself in the present moment. Her lightness of heart and gentleness relaxed the animals, increased their trust and released anxiety.

Kids would just appear in front of my grandmother’s door, saying nothing and waiting for her to greet their presence. Their faces beamed when she talked to them and they felt listen to and accepted for what they were. She would caress their hair, give them dried apples and nuts, tell them to pick fresh pears in the courtyard and encourage them to go to school to learn how to read and write to become independent.

Her beautiful light and energy would always attract people at her door. One evening, a young girl shyly knocked on her door. She was in great distress and could not stand. My grandmother took her inside, heated water, gave her food, helped her wash and put her to bed. Early in the morning someone came to take her back home in a far away village. When I was old enough to understand I asked my grandmother what happened to that girl. She told me she was safe. She had had an illegal abortion done by a nurse in the village and needed a safe place to stay overnight so that she did not put in danger the nurse who had performed the abortion.

To this day the following event left a permanent imprint on me:
On a very hot summer day I was in my grandma’s garden with kids from the neighborhood. We were hungry as it was nearly lunch time. We were also very thirsty and instead of heading to the house we eyed an apple tree in the neighborhood garden. At once, we grabbed each a few juicy and sun-warmed apples and ran as fast as we could to find a safe place to hide.

A few moments later, a large and angry lady entered my grandparents yard, screaming and pointing to the stall where we took refuge, explaining to my grandmother that she saw us stealing her apples and wanted to have a word with us.

Calmly, my grandmother greeted her, allowing her to get her anger out. By listened to the lady for as long as the former wanted to bark out all her accumulated frustrations, my grandmother instinctively opened a safe space for all. When the lady paused, my grandmother told her that she was sure that the children were aware of their wrong-doing but that she also understood that they were thirsty and hungry as they had not had their lunches. My grandmother added that she was confident that the kids would not steal again. She assured the lady that she would talk to the kids. Unwillingly the lady left mumbling something along the lines of “those kids should be punished to learn not to steal again”.

We felt relieved when we heard the yelling lady leaving. My grandmother came to the stall, gently asked us to wash our hands and faces to release anxiety and fear, set the table for us and watched us eat. When we were finished she asked what happened in the garden. After she heard our story she said that because of our hunger and thirst we took on an inappropriate action unconsciously accepting the consequences of it. She also added that she was confident that in future we would at least take a deep breath before rushing out and do something that was not an appropriate behavior. She also added that if we chose to take things that did not belong to us, we also had to be prepared to take full responsibility for our actions. 

No wonder that event glued to my body, mind and spirit forever.

That day I learned that it was not through punishment that we stopped an inappropriate behavior but by being made fully aware of our responsibility towards our choice of action.

I came to realize that my grandmother was a facilitator, a sort of nowadays meditator. She created space for everyone to be, to express their feelings. She knew how to encourage me to focus on my heart’s potential to get out of the automatic patterns of the personality limitations. 

Alike my grandmother, other beautiful people in someone else ancestral lineage passed on from generation to generation the gentle ancestral legacy of love.

Alike our grandfathers and grandmothers, dare be the facilitator of the creative spark of life within, the nurturer of the intuitive thoughts and ideas inside to see and accept both the shadow and light within.

When talking to someone dare empower his soul’s potential and not the limitation of his personality. That said and done, do remember that it is of paramount importance to respect the person’s free will to embrace or not his full potential at their own time and pace.

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  1. 🥺🥺🥺 wow, Gina. Your grandmother sounds like an truly amazing woman and I can see how this ancestral lineage has manifested in you as well. Your ending paragraphs in these blogs always hit home… “ When talking to someone dare empower his soul’s potential and not the limitation of his personality. That said and done, do remember that it is of paramount importance to respect the person’s free will to embrace or not his full potential at their own time and pace.”

    This reminds me of something I learned from Tara Brach.. See the good in others and let them know you see it and believe they can live in alignment with it. Empower their potential and respect their free will. Thank you, Gina. I learned from your grandmother today and so her legacy teaches others through you! What a miracle. 💝

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