Willow Tree, Confidence, Raven and rite of passage

“If we take steps without anxiety, in peace and joy, then we will cause a flower to bloom on the Earth with every step.” Thich Nhat Hanh

“Few of us go through life without taking part in some sort of rite of passage.” Hank Nuwer

Mystery is at the heart of creativity

Alchemy is at the heart of change

A little girl stood on the bank of a river, protected from the sun’s heat by a gently Willow Tree. Her name was Confidence and she felt the call of the river whose stream ran close to her grandmother’s house. The girl was waiting for her grandmother to take her into the forest to gather mushrooms, wild flowers and medicine plants for tea.

Confidence loved how the sunlight always found a way to get to her hair. He played hide-and-seek with her legs and added a pinch of glitter to the stones long forgotten in the belly of the river. The sunlight showed the girl that little treasures could be easily found by the eyes of the innocent.

Willow Tree loved the child’s hair. She sang to the girl and lovingly embraced her with her fragile arms. In her nook the girl felt protected and cherished. Through her fine branches, Willow Tree channeled the warmth of the sun, the delicacy of the water, the freshness of the air, and the song of the wind. In secrecy, and with the help of alchemy, Willow Tree poured all these powerful energies into the child’s heart.

Confidence felt a soft and refreshing heat moving through her body. As she felt protected by the Willow Tree, she softly entered the dreamland fairytale. In her beautiful dream, the girl’s untamed nature was running along wild creatures, talking to the Trees and to the Clouds. She was getting ready to start a new adventure in her sacred dreamland. Confidence knew she needed to attend a special ceremony. She was about to receive Nature’s bliss and learn to guide people, with confidence and bravery, towards awakening of their hearts.

She was engaged in a merry chatter with the fox when, all of the sudden, she got the glimpse of a shadow. The shallow was fleeting to the girl and the moment it reached her Confidence gave out a shrieked. The girl was in shock at the sight of the cold and skeleton-like claws of Raven reaching for her.

It was Raven who decided to pay a visit to Confidence in her innocent dream. The black bird felt that the girl was fearless at heart that very moment. It has been long since Raven felt that Confidence was ready for their encounter. She was about to reach her 12 passage and she was not feeling ready to let go of her child age.

Confidence felt nauseous when she saw Raven, she was reluctant to even look at him not to say engage in a conversation. Oddly enough, she felt scared and, at the same time, curious about Raven’s plans.

As Confidence was slowly coming to her senses, Raven asked Willow Tree if he could rest near the girl’s nook. Willow Tree nodded in agreement and she made room for him. Raven surrendered his impressive looks and quietly rested his tired body on the Willow Tree’s trunk.

Raven’s surrender reassured the girl. As she gathered her courage, she asked him in a small voice if he came to take her to the sacred ceremony. Raven did not make any move and simply sat in the whisper of the wind, listening to the murmure of the water.

As startled by a strike, with eyes wide open, Confidence asked Raven if he came to help her through her passage. Raven was taken by surprise when he heard the girls’s question but he quickly and joyously nodded and reached for the girl’s arm.

At once, Confidence lost consciousness and woke up to see a kind and strong willed lady. Her tall body, confident look and long robes impress the girl.

The lady asked for permission to embrace the girl and in a gentle but powerful voice whispered to the child : Tell me now what do you want to hear? Bird chirping, the sound of light emerging from the dark, rainbows being painted by sleepless children awaken in the middle of the night?

I can show you the Crack in the Universe, travel with you in time and space, take you to places unknown to the eye. I can place the whole universe in a nutshell and take it to the Source. Your vision and imagination feed in my opportunity to bring into this world the most inconceivable dreams.

Did you know that all exist in parallel worlds, worlds within worlds. In one breath, you can travel as far as your imagination takes you, at your own pace and in your own time.

Many things can be accomplished by simply adding your energy and vital force to your creations. What exists within you will eventually be reflected on the outside. 

When change occurs, people in your world will firstly unconsciously notice a subtle shift within you. Then this unspokable shift will take its rightful place and open the gate to full manifestation in the conscious. When change is evident, some people will choose to stay close and some will choose to leave so that others have the opportunity to witness your authentic light.

Do not be afraid to embrace who you are. Be the spark within and shine your heart’s desire. If you decide to uncover your inner nature it will shine so greatly that it will open portals unknown to the eye of the human.

The more you appreciate and use your light and guidance, the faster and deeper will reach all around. You may not see the finished work now. Be patient and ask the Eagle to give you the freedom of spirit. He will teach you how to balance the light and the dark within when giving and receiving with an open heart.

There will be a time when you realise that fighting is hurting your self and those around you. The moment you decide to surrender your control, to put the weapons down, the whole perspective change. You begin to accept the responsibility of your actions, you will be willing to remember that you are your own teacher and that you have all the tools at hand. At once, all the unseen forces of the Creative force will adjust the course of your choice and in time your inner roots will bring into the material world the envisioned change.

Confidence, feeling her body awaken by the strong resonance of the lady’s words, reached for Willow Tree and asked her to take her back to Raven. As quickly as a thunder, she felt her hands wrapped in Raven’s pelage. in his company, Mother Nature’s silent voice found its echo in the rocks stored along the stream of the river.

Nurtured by Willow Treen, swung by the Wind, refreshened by the Water, Confidence came back to her senses. As she stroke Raven’s black pelage, he fell asleep while the girl’s soft voice hummed the most heartwarming lullaby. A tiny gold-greenish light enveloped Raven’s body and he felt the healing power and love of the child’s spirit. Raven could no longer operate his alchemy and he metamorphosed into the girls’s most gentle and kindhearted grand mother, her long Oak Tree hair resembling Mother Nature.

It must have taken ages or just a few moments until Confidence woke up. She was feeling numbed and bewildered by her beautiful dream. Deep in her heart she was still hearing Mother Nature’s healing voice and encouragement to embrace change and be confident in her soul’s desire to reach growth and harmony.

The wind resumed its murmur and brought to Confidence her grandmother’s scent of jasmin and mint tea.

The girl jumped into her Grandmother’s arms and started pouring out the amazing story of her dream. She was thrilled and delighted to share her amazing story with the most gentle and wise person of her world. She knew that her grandmother’s heart will rejoice to know that Mother Nature help her grandchild reach the natural flow of life through the mystery of alchemy.

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